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Something about the universe and just how it listens and responds to the vibes that you radiate.

If you keep up with me online, which you should, you would have known that 2017-18 for me was the year to pay an ode to dark skin under the hashtags #MelaninQueen #MelaninGodess and # Melanated. It was this year that my skin loved me the most and for the first time in my life, I was actively advocating for dark-skinned girls. I have come along way from the bespectacled high-school girl that had to put up with mean remarks from boys at functions likening my looks to Lil Wayne (no offence Weezy).  Having to ‘breeze’ at school functions because adolescent boys would rather die than be seen to have been interacting with you. Lots of harm done, but guess who are now breaking down doors trying to get a moment of my time in the DM’s those same boys that teased the confidence, not entirely out of me.

With this renaissance, I felt the need to redefine my brand to realign with this new me.

This year has pushed me to my limits, they tell you that gold has to go through the fire in order for it to be refined, but that has often left me questioning what it is exactly I am being refined too. My woes started in 2017 towards the end of the year when a tiff with my dad earned me a notice to move out of his house. There are many things I want to say about African parents, their belief system which I dare not fault can be so rigid they refuse to bend if it means hurting their pride. My dad is one such African parent, his desire to see me practice law which I am trained in almost saw the end of our relationship. It is harder when you are the favourite because the standards are higher for you.

I am a Pisces.

This information is important because you will find a lot of my character is influenced by my zodiac, from being indecisive, day-dreaming, frequent existential crisis, being a hopeless romantic to being in-tune emotionally with myself and others. The biggest character trait is my ability to adapt to new environments and situations. That said I took on quite a bit of stuff, including a relationship, which lasted all of 6 months before I was ready to move on (a story for another day). I was hoping that this new blog would be a conduit to express my home decor style but as it happens in life, I was pushed succinctly out of my first apartment after just 8 months there and I had not been keeping photographic evidence of the progress.

I survived.

With only 30 days notice I not only managed to undo every decor element to my space, and painfully so, but I moved into an entirely new space. Bigger, definitely better! As I pen this I feel like I just went over a huge slump, creatively. I have been through it mentally, 2018 has taken its toll most especially on my creative side. Getting up to just do the smallest things that I previously enjoyed has been my biggest hurdle.

But on a higher note.

This is also the year I added more local experiences under my belt. Being in my own space meant that I have more time to myself and being around other people is a cure to loneliness. I did not realise how much I was out and about until I started adding my experiences to Google maps and reviewing them. While previously an entertainment budget meant money for fuel to one or two events every couple of months, living alone has taught me the value of budgeting. This has been the biggest lesson, I definitely want to go through a hilarious account of the dumb things I have done to counter being broke.

What you should look out for.

Well, we are going to have candid conversations, I love to tell stories, and tell you stories I shall. I know we started with fashion but we have evolved now, I am about to shock you with some of the candid stories that I will be sharing. I know you lot support me, so don’t forget to subscribe and let’s take this journey to new levels aye!

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Location: Movenpick Hotel  Westlands

Photography: Samsung Note 9 by Brian Babu

Sleeveless jacket: Ikojn

Shoes: Adidas


Movenpick Hotel Grace Ndiege




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